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Tag: visualization

Praying skeletons

The History of Medicine Division of the US National Library of Medicine is sharing selections from its collection of illustrated anatomical atlases dating from the 15th to the 20th century in a digital project called Historical Anatomies on the Web. Selections means that you mainly see high-quality images, not text, and not complete works. The site says, Atlases and images are selected primarily for their historical and artistic significance, with priority placed upon the earliest and/or the best edition of a work in NLM’s possession. If you ever wanted to see illustrations from Jacopo Berengario da Carpi‘s own Isagogae breues, perlucidae ac uberrimae in anatomiam humani corporis, published in Bologna by Beneditcus Hector in 1523, here’s your chance. (Love that very exotic sounding title.) The illustrations are rather interesting constructions of how to show what a person’s insides look like: figures are standing up in a nonchalant manner and holding…

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