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Tag: vegetarian

Food for thought – literally

This is not a foodie-blog type post, by the way. I’d call it a socio-political post (even though that sounds a bit pompous.) Anyway… I have a cute cookbook from 1915 called “Dyrtids Kogebog” that came from a flea market excursion. Dyrtid is a Danish word that refers to a time of scarcity. I guess an appropriate translation would be “A cookbook for times of scarcity”. Basically, the cookbook focuses on a mainly vegetarian-type diet, especially meals based on grains. The author, Mikkel Hindhede, had the idea that much of the starvation that took place in the early 1900s was due to a misguided focus on raising animals for meat, rather than raising nutritious grains at a far, far lower cost than the animals. This was an interesting angle that I had never encountered previously. Curious to learn more, I came across an article from the European Vegetarian Union’s newsletter…