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Tag: transport

What I did on World Usability Day 2008

I took the Global Transport Challenge and tested my carbon footprint, and I got my brain cells nicely stimulated with 2 seminars. I also discovered once more that I really should get much more training with my camera…. I learned that my carbon footprint for my transport to and from work is 1.2 kg. That covers walking to the station from my home, taking the metro, switching to a train, then walking from the station to my office. If your carbon footprint needs improvement, the Global Transport Challenge provides many tips about getting from here to there in a more eco-friendly manner. While taking the Global Transport Challenge for WUD2008, I discovered a usability issue: how were you supposed to measure the distances for walking, bicycling, driving, and so on? OK, the car has an odometer, but who thinks about distance in a bus or a train? With those forms…

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