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Tag: thank you

Happy New Year – Pay It Forward

I’ve noticed a number of 2010-summary type blog posts the past week. I felt a bit of peer pressure – should I do one? 🙂 Then two tiny incidents happened today, and I felt a need to share. The Supermarket Queue Here in Denmark, supermarkets close early on December 31st. I went to the shop to pick up a few necessities (shops are closed tomorrow) and a few treats. Just as it was my turn, I realized the man behind me was buying only 1 item. I told him to go ahead of me in the queue. He was with his son who was about 8 years old, and they probably wanted to get home quickly. He was surprised and grateful and cut in just as the clerk was about to scan my milk. When he paid, he looked back at me and said thank you again, and I wished…