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Tag: plain language

Waste not, want not

Have any old electronic equipment cluttering up the house? People in North America can use Goodwill to recycle “e-waste” responsibly. It looks like there is something similar in the UK. What’s a person in Denmark to do? In Denmark, waste is handled in each municipality. The explanation of what you can and cannot do is too text-heavy as illustrated by this one example. Who wants to wade through piles of words like that? With the sensitivity of getting rid of waste in a responsible fashion, you must have clear explanations. You are presenting important information to people who have different approaches to reading. Don’t scare them off, and in this case, dump toxic material in their ordinary household trash. If recycling is the way to go, it must be explained in terms that everyone can understand. It must also be made easy to do. Reading long lists of what-not-to-do is…

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