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Machine Translations and a Mobile Twist – Talk IT in May

What do you do when your wife gets a job in Nepal and you tag along? You help to build the foundation for machine translation between Esperanto and Nepali, of course! That’s what Jacob Nordfalk did. He was the first speaker at today’s session of Talk IT at Copenhagen Business School. Apertium Jacob talked about working with Apertium, a free and open-source machine-translation platform. Don’t worry, translator friends, this was not a push to replace the human element! The value here is a machine translation tool that is open source and free. Participation in Apertium does require XML knowledge as well as knowledge of the languages used in the corpus, the body of electronic texts that provides the translation foundation. Jacob has even received stipends from Google Summer of Code for projects to build the corpus for Nordic languages. Apertium does a rule-based type of translation, making it more reliable,…

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