Making the Future

Reading about the augmented future of technical communication triggered a memory. Many years ago, when I worked at Computer Associates, they produced a product called CA-7/OLC. (I think that was the abbreviation.) It was an enhancement to their CA-7 software, which is still used for scheduling jobs on big old mainframe computers. The interface for… Continue reading Making the Future

Oh me, oh my – it’s Ada Lovelace Day

And I really stretched myself thin. Despite the fact that I can prepare a blog post in advance and set it to post itself at a particular time – I didn’t use that fine service. Life has been way too hectic lately. I made a pledge to write a post about women in technology on… Continue reading Oh me, oh my – it’s Ada Lovelace Day

Cute Creature Discomforts – a wake-up call

I am a fan of Creature Discomforts! I just discovered these delightful creations from Aardman Animations while writing for another blog. As I wrote in that blog entry, these animations were made to help re-brand a UK charity called Leonard Cheshire Disability. This type of communication appeals to me immensely. I admire the animation work… Continue reading Cute Creature Discomforts – a wake-up call