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A Sticky, Engaging, and Valuable Talk on Data Journalism

I’m going to throw a bunch of data at you now. I want to pass along some great information I discovered tonight, but my brain is having trouble getting into a decent writing mode. Regard this as a jumbled bag of nice quality chocolate instead of a nicely laid out tray of nice quality chocolates. OK? 10 Things Paul Bradshaw Learned about Data Journalism My favorite online communication and online journalism group in Denmark invited Paul Bradshaw to speak at a meeting tonight. The talk was entitled “10 things I learned about data journalism”, but I am not going to list all ten items (because I didn’t write them all down). I was trying to listen, learn, absorb, and think. I took home some great resources and a few very nice quotes. The Usual Suspects Let’s start with the resources – people actually. A lineup of Paul Bradshaw’s People…