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Oh me, oh my – it’s Ada Lovelace Day

And I really stretched myself thin. Despite the fact that I can prepare a blog post in advance and set it to post itself at a particular time – I didn’t use that fine service. Life has been way too hectic lately. I made a pledge to write a post about women in technology on March 24th, the day chosen for Ada Lovelace Day, and I wanted to keep that promise. I admired the initiative, and I felt it was an important thing to do. As of this writing, I have. Twice. This is my third Ada Lovelace post. The first post was for the AccessAbility SIG of STC where I wrote about four women in (accessible) technology. Frankly, I couldn’t make up my minda dn choose just one! I wrote about three women who coincidentally are all connected to the W3C – Judy Brewer, Wendy Chisholm, and Shawn Henry…

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