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Tag: content strategy

Thinking About Audience – Always, Always, Always

So what did the dying Deaf man want to say? This tale popped into my mind yesterday. It came from a newsletter about a Deaf hospice care project that a friend of mine was involved in as a sign interpreter. A Deaf man in hospice care was trying to communicate with his caregivers and was getting frustrated at not getting his message across. A social worker came to see him and formed an opinion of what the man wanted to say. That opinion was influenced by the social worker’s own opinion of what a dying person would want to say. This social worker did not know sign language, and for some reason, this was not considered a problem. The man became more agitated in his efforts to communicate, and everyone assumed that he was afraid of dying. That brought up discussions of faith and comfort and lots of abstract ideas.…

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Open source in your projects, in your organizations – in your life?

Umbraco‘s Niels Hartvig called his Reboot 11 presentation “How to start an open source project with and without code”. It wasn’t just about the technology of open source, however; it was about the mind set of open source. The tips given here have lingered in my mind since Reboot 11. I have seen how they are suitable for organizations who need to adapt to the changing attitudes, perceptions, and demands of their members. There is a resonance with some content strategy pointers from Richard Sheffield‘s The Web Content Strategist’s Bible and Kristina Halvorson‘s Content Strategy for the Web. These strategies for open source can also be used succcessfully in many of the projects unfolding in the alternate climate conference in Copenhagen these days. I repeat: open source is not about technology; it is about a mind set. You can use these tips for any project, not just software. This is…

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