Link Collection

Most of the links that interest me or that I recommend to others can be found at I also share links via my Twitter account at @kmdk.

Several links are highlighted here because they are a part of my network.

  • Carleton College – My alma mater in Northfield, Minnesota, USA. Planet Carleton
  • DONA – Danish network for online journalists and communicators.
  • Mensa Denmark – Danish branch of Mensa.
  • ISTC – Institute for Scientific and Technical Communicators. They are a lovely group of people responsible for the TCUK conferences every year: Technical Communication UK.

2 replies on “Link Collection”

Hi Karen
Thanks for the great ideas you shared at the EU UA Conference last week. I’ve already implemented a few of them, but realised that one way of reducing the number of emails I receive is me not sending out questions in the first place!
I hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in Krakow.


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