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Rebooting my writing from reboot11

I am about to clean up my notes from all my reboot11 sessions from the past two days. Let’s see what a somewhat good night’s sleep has done for my thoughts. I know it has helped me to function (assisted by some coffee).

These notes must get done as soon as possible because they are part of the reboot11 book project. This post is just to ground myself. Later, I know I will be blogging even more personal impressions on these talks because they all affected me very strongly. They revealed possible and necessary road signs for many of the activities in my life right now (such as STC).

Here is the lineup:

  • Matt Webb – the guy who co-authored “Mind Hacks”
  • Dave Winer – RSS or podcasting, anyone?
  • David Weinberger – think “Cluetrain Manifesto”
  • Francesca Birks – the bottom UP cities
  • Steve Coast – the OpenStreetMap project
  • Andrew Turner – the geospatial web
  • Leisa Reichalt – Drupal7 UX project
  • Matthias Müller-Prove – the co-evolution of humans and tools
  • Tor Nørretranders – writing the guide to rebooting civilization
  • Alexander Kjerulf – tips to stimulate action
  • JP Rangaswami – voice in the context of action
  • Stowe Boyd – new spatialism
  • Christian Sejersen – Mobile Mozilla
  • Euan Semple – helping the non-geeks catch up (spoke from my heart and soul)
  • Lee Bryant – looking for the 21st century stories
  • Niels Hartvig – (of Umbraco fame) open sourcing your projects
  • Ole Qvist-Sørensen – graphic facilitation
  • Rikard Falkvinge – pirates in the Swedish parliament
  • Bruce Sterling – favela-chic

The phrase “mind-blowing” got stuck in my mind Thursday morning when this event started. I hope it never leaves.