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Tag: digital divide

Ada Lovelace and the Librarians

That would be a great name for a rock band – Ada Lovelace and the Librarians! You see, it is Ada Lovelace Day 2010, where we can all give a special tribute to a “woman in tech”. My 2010 Ada Lovelace tribute goes to two women – Jessamyn West and Jenny Engstrom. They recently displayed their magic skills at the South by Southwest Interactive conference, which I did not attend. @marks did, and he sent me a tweet saying I’d love the panel and that they were very funny. The title of the panel made my heart go pitter-patter: How the Other Half Lives – Touring the Digital Divide. Awestruck, I immediately started following @jennylish and @jessamyn. I viewed the slides and some follow-up material as soon as they were available, but I have not yet listened to the MP3 audio file of the talk (SO bogged down in work…

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Help a non-geek catch up

Well, the title says it all, really, but it has taken me five months to write this. Correction: to get this published. This was the strongest message that I heard at Reboot 11 back in June. It came from Euan Semple when he opened the second day with his Big Picture talk. As I told Euan afterward, it was a message that came from my heart. Euan assumed the audience was in the know – that we “got” social media, technology, and all the newfangled things that probably categorized all the attendees as geeks. With all the gadgets being flashed at reboot11 or the gentle glowing of white, partially bitten apple silhouettes on our laptops, the audience would be hard pressed to say that they didn’t know about the latest technology. It was fair of Euan to assume that we were tech savvy, otherwise we wouldn’t be at a reboot…